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What Move the Market


When you decide to participate in online trading, there are some important things you need to know such as:

  •   Price to purchase and trade
    Do you know what the prices are to purchase and trade stocks online? Do you know how to know what it a good price? Do you know when a good time to buy is and when to sell? These are all things a good investor needs to be familiar with when making investment decisions.
  •   Learn how to choose a broker
    Learn what to look for, what to avoid, fees to expect and more. Deciding when you need a broker, do you know what to look for? Do you know how to select the right broker for your needs from among the many different choices out there? Portfolios
    How to create and maintain a portfolio. How to make your portfolio work best for you. Maintaining your portfolio over time as it grows. Building an online portfolio, updating it, checking your stocks online and more.

 Costs and fees
What fees you can expect and why as well as which ones can be reduced or avoided altogether. What do you need to pay to start investing or to get into certain types of trades?

Another aspect of choosing an online broker is what type of customer service they have to offer. If you have to call them to discuss important issues, then you do not want to talk to a machine or be placed on hold for long periods of time. There are many other steps that go into selecting the proper online broker for your online trading needs. Please see below for more great tips from us on how you can choose the perfect broker for you and your needs.

Swing Trading and Short Term Price Patterns

 Linda believes that focusing on 2 to 3 day swings with short-term momentum oscillators and price-pattern analysis enables her to recognize how to trade almost any market on almost any given day. She has worked toward quantifying those patterns and developing statistical studies and tools to support her analysis. Linda will present the results of her research efforts, including a unique technical tool based on Chaos Theory. In addition, she will explain how certain concepts borrowed from Chaos Thory, including positive feedback, noise, and critical points, illustrate important principles of market behavior.Linda will demonstrate specific trading techniques which utilize these concepts and will discuss appropriate money-management skills. She will introduce you to many of the specific tools she uses when trading futures for herself as well as those she has successfully taught to other traders.