Before you start trading the 3rd candle system, I want you to think in term of
someone who has never trade forex before. This strategy has nothing to do with knowing how to trade forex. The moment you let you knowledge of forex trading get in the way, you will only make trades base on your ideas. The key to this system is simplicity.
• Identify the 3rd candle
• Place a trade at the start of the 3rd candle
• Take profit at 10 pips or move stop to BE at 10 pips.
• Use Stochastic as filter.
Advance Setting.
• Identify the currency trend using other tools like currency meter or FX- COMPASS
• Trade only in the direction of the trend and using Higher time Frame
• Use any Chart or time frame. I use 5M an 15M
• Stochastic 5.3.3

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Albert Glen

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